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ok here I come again with another nifty science ship build.....

now I have not exactly settled on my Energy Type for my weapons ( and I welcome Feedback on Energy Types) but I have narrowed it down to 3 weapons systems, forward weapons will be Dual Beam Banks Aft will be beam arrays
1. Advanced Fleet Phasers Mk XII [Dmg]3 [Acc]
2. Advanced Fleet Polarons Mk XII [Dmg]3 [Acc]
3. Polarized Disruptors Mk XII

I have settled on a Advanced Fleet Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [Dmg]3 [Acc] forward and an Advanced Fleet Tricobalt Mine Launcher Mk XII [Dmg]3 [CrtH] Aft

it makes use of the Assimilated Deflector, and Assimilated Sub-Transwarp Engines, as well as the M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield Array Mk XII

Eng. Consoles: Tetraburnium Hull Armor Mk XI, Neutronium Alloy Mk XI, and Ablative hull Armor Mk XII
Sci. Consoles: Particle Generator Mk XII, Field Generator Mk XI, Emitter Array Mk XI, Theta Radiation Vents, and the Assimilated Module

Tac. Consoles: Variable Geometry Detonators Mk XII, Graviton Pulse Generator

my power settings start at, Weaps: 75, Shields: 50, Engines: 25, and Aux: 50

my Bridge Officer Slots are as follows:

Lt. Tactical: Torp Spread I, Dispersal Pattern Alpha I
Lt. Engineer: Emergency Power to Shields I, Reverse Shield Polarity I
Ens. Engineer: Emergency Power to Shields I
Com. Science: Tractor Beam I, Science Team II, Tyken's Rift II, Viral Matrix III
Lcmdr. Science: Hazard Emitters I, Scramble Sensors I, Transfer Shield Strength III
(note: all BOFFS have the Efficient trait)

Duty Officers
Tractor Beam Officer, Sensors Officer, Development Lab Scientist x2, Gravimetric Scientist

Captain Skills

Tac Systems: Starship Weapons Training 6, Starship Energy Weapons 2, Starship Projectile Weapons 7, Starship Maneuvers 6, Starship targeting Systems 6, Threat Control 3, Starship Projectile Weapon Specialization 6

Eng Systems: Starship Hull Repair 9, Structural Integrity 9, Warp Core Efficiency 9, Starship Electro-Plasma Systems 6, Starship Impilse Thrusters 6, Starship Warp Coil Efficiency 9, Starship Engine Performance 6, Starship Hull Plating 6, Starship Shield Performance 6, Starship Auxilliary Performance 6

Science & Operations Systems: Starship Flow Capacitors 6, Sharship Shield Emitters 9, Starship Power Insulators 6, Starship Shield Systems 9, Starship Graviton Generators 6, Starship Particle Generators 9, Starship Sensors 9

Science Officer Ground Skills: Medic 6, Weapons Proficiency 6, Physiology 6, Scientist 6, Probability Logistics 6, Particle Physics 6

now with that build unbuffed and under full combat speed I get defenses that look like this

Bonus Def: 50.6%, Hull: 42,929 points, Shields: 14,262 points each facing, Kinetic Resist: 19.8%, Phaser and Disruptor Resist: 38.7%, Plasma and Tetryon Resist: 46.2%, Polaron and Antiproton Resist: 38.1%

Turn Rate: 18.9%, Bonus Accuracy: 22.7%, Crit Chance: 3.4% Crit Severity: 59.1%

these numbers are UNBUFFED numbers in combat space not sector space

Im still testing the 3 energy weapons types I listed above to try and find the set that works best for the build but in PVP it's definately a sound build in a team that communicates and knows what they are doing.... ALSO by moving a couple of consoles around you can make this self same build work well in Elite STF's, Fleet Events, or just about any other activity that you need to do for Dilithium Fleet marks or Omega/Romulan Marks.... yes when season 7 hits the build will get nerfed due to the Borg set being broken up but that can and will be overcome in time..... any questions, suggestions or observations ??? feel free to post em up....
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