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11-12-2012, 12:57 PM
To answer a few earlier questions, and expound on what I said in an earlier reply:

Players can use the amount of Fleet Credits they receive in return for donating an item as a judgement of its "value" to the system.

Before the changes referenced in this thread, White Dept-specific Duty Officers would return 150 Fleet Credits per Doff that was donated.

After these changes, they now give 250 Fleet Credits per Doff.

This is where we derive the 166% figure I originally quoted. (250/150=166%)

This same figure is a relative measurement to what we use internally to determine a Project's targeted cost.

So if a project previously required 1000 White Dept-Specific Duty Officers, it now only requires 600. (1000*150)/250=600

For reference, here are the Fleet Credit rewards previously granted in return for Duty Officer contributions (with updated values in parentheses, if they are still in use):

White-Unrestricted = 75 (250)
White-Dept = 150 (300)
White-Spec = 300
Green-Dept = 300
Green-Spec = 600
Blue-Dept = 500
Blue-Spec = 1000
Purple-Dept = 1000
Purple-Spec = 2000

Using these figures, you should be able to quickly figure out how many Duty Officers are now required for a particular project.

For example:
A project that previously required 15 Purple Astrometrics (Spec) Duty Officers (T5 Transwarp Facility upgrade), will now require x# of White Science Dept Officers instead. To determine the amount:

(15*2000) = 30000/300 = 100 Duty Officers

Sometimes the math doesn't work out to be so pretty, and in those cases we've either rounded the new Doff values or altered the Dilithium cost (since Duty Officers are given a Dilithium value in the Holdings system, for determining project cost) to make the final values work out to a nice round figure.
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