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Atrox carrier=NX-Graf Zeppelin. Graf Zeppelin was the first of a line of Yorktown class sized carriers that was made but never used in ww2 captured by the ussr and sunk on a anti-carrier exercise where she was bombarded by 26 1000 lb bombs and finally attained hull dmg to a torpedo sinking her.

Tholian Recluse Carrier=NX-Yorktown. Yorktown was the USN Fleet carriet in ww2 that was the staging area for some of the most important skirmishes and raids in the war(Dolittle raid anyone?)Big E was more decorated but Yorktown is still notable.

Chimera Heavy Destroyer=NX Prinz Eugen. She was the Bismarck's escort on the Bismarck's maiden voyage and assisted in the sinking of the UK BC hood
The Doolittle raid was launched off of the Hornet, not the Yorktown.