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11-12-2012, 01:29 PM
I really never thought a PVP Race needed more Content. I leveled my Kling. like a Kling should do in battle in the nebulas... sorry for bad english but i think you can get what i am trying to say

It has enough for Level 1-50-60 so give has a new level cap

Only Reason i play Klingon is my Bird of Prey this ships makes more fun to fly then any other on my 3 Fed Fleet Admirals. Bud i only have one Kling Tac at higherst Level and to maybe at 20 dont know long time not used my kling eng and sci cpts.
18 Cpt on the way to 60: 14 of them are already 50 or over 50, one is 60 and 3 almost 43
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