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11-12-2012, 02:38 PM
I'm fond of the Polarized Disruptors myself on Sci. Though, you should probably go with a full 9 in Flow Caps if you're running Polaron/Polarized. Subspace Decompilier increases subsystem disable duration of subsystem targeting and phaser procs, might be worth considering if you're going with a Phaser build.

You might consider 2x Tric mines as that usually lines up better with the cooldown on Dispersal Patterns. Speaking of which, have you tried using Dispersal Pattern Beta I instead? It nets you two Tric mines instead.

I haven't found that the lack of the random shield heal going with two-piece Borg and MACO shields particularly bad, since it's not very reliable for me to even get it to proc in the first place.