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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
I was talking to hereticknight085 because he assumes he knows why everbody attacks the Galaxy ship first.

Attacking a Galaxy ship first has alot to do with turn rates. If you know a ship has weak weapons, and can't turn very well, then you choose to attack the ship that can't fight back as you stay on it aft quarter. A Galaxy can still be a little threat, even with its weak weapons, from the front because it can rush you with warp plasma or raming speed if its hull is at 25 %. It does alot of damage to excorts or science ship with raming speed, so you would rather attack it in the rear to where it can do nothing to rotate the shield faces and can't come back at you.
You can EWP in reverse. Ive done it many times to an unsuspecting escort:

Throw ship in reverse
Hit Evasive Maneuvers
Hit Emergency Power to engines
Hit Eject Warp Plasma