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11-12-2012, 01:54 PM
Overall I like cruisers, I just don't like using one in an elite STF where bringing in a cruiser is a hinderance to a good team.

My Tac Captain flys an all cannon excelsior in normal PUG STF's and it's a capable set up and useful. I can take out BOP/Probe spam in one pass, loiter in front of gates without fear, and when things get rough I can dump plamsa on spheres / Neg'vars and lay a beating on them with APA. At the same time I can heal up the Kang or people who are having troubles (for whatever reason). Overall I'm useful.

But I'm not as useful as my Engineer character in my Patrol Escort, who doesn't even use most of his higher engineering skills except for rotate shield frequencies. I can do everything my Tac/Cruiser can (except hull heal team mates) but faster.

So even an unbuffed escort is better than a DPS cruiser buffed by a Tac Captain in STF's.

I don't feel that cruisers in PVE need a huge overhaul (maybe a few tweaks here and there bitemePWE has some good ideas on that) but the STF's certainly do. Right now there's no reason to be a tank or a healer in STF's or pretty much any of the PVE. Even the new fleet stuff can be done easily in an escort. Laying a TT and TSS on a freighter gives you enough time to blast the attackers out of the sky ad you can zip around faster than anything else. Seige ships require escort DPS to kill fast enough.