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None of the three career choices provide the typical meatshield tanking. Selecting an Eng instead of a Sci or Tac does not provide you innate increased damage resistances nor increased shield/hull points.


Self Shield Regen & Shield Damage Resist
Self Power Drain Resistance
Self Hull Heal, Shield Heal, & Subsystem Repair
Self/Ally Power & Power Transfer Buff
Team Damage Resistance, Hull Repair & Power Buff


AoE Damage Resist Debuff & Anti-Stealth Stuff
Target Buff Stripper & Ability Recharge Debuff
AoE Friendly Energy Resistance
Summon Pets (w/ a myriad of abilities)
Team Shield Damage Resistance, Shield Healing Buff, & Power Drain Resist


Self Damage/Crit Hit/Crit Damage & Turn Rate Buff
Target Damage Resist & Stealth Debuff
Team Tac BOFF Ability Recharge Buff
Self Conditional Damage Buff
Team Damage, Accuracy, & Defense Buff

So what's "Defensive" up there?

Engineer - 5
Science - 5
Tactical - 4

So what's "Offensive" up there?

Engineer - 1
Science - 3
Tactical - 5

So what does that add up* to up there?

Engineer - 6
Science - 8
Tactical - 9

Yes, that's entirely too basic and simple - and - does not take into consideration the extent something is "Defensive" or "Offensive" - but - it's very telling in what you see from the general complaints about the Engineer, no?

It's not a 5-4-3/3-4-5 where the totals add up to 8.
It's not even a 5-3-1/1-3-5 where the totals add up to 6.
It's 6-8-9...

Do the Engineer 5 Defensive Abilities balance against the Tactical's 5 Offensive Abilities?
Does the Engineer's Single Offensive Ability balance against the Tactical's 4 Defensive Abilities?
Then compare Eng vs. Sci, Sci vs. Tac, etc.

It becomes very clear that the innate captain abilities were not balanced in the least with any thought to PvP... they're just things that PvE folks "might" enjoy.

Outside of Elite STFs - the Engineer kind of rocks and rolls, eh? The damage it can do, while minor compared to Tac or even Sci - is more than enough to handle PvE. Then you add in the opportunity for them to play a "tank" or "healer" - and tada, you've got stuff. The Sci can run as anything and the Tac's great for those that want to blow crap up real fast.

It screams PvE options/choices... and outside of ESTFs - it works pretty damn well.

PvP - where you want to look at balancing the career choices against each other - well... it fails miserably.

So the question somewhat becomes - can there be some form of PvP balance of the careers that does not ruin that PvE side for folks? Heck, as a bonus - could it not only not ruin that side but could it actually improve it?

I'm not a fan of homogenization in the least - I don't believe that everybody should be able to do everything equally well. It shouldn't be a case that it doesn't matter if you select Eng, Sci, or Tac - they can all DPS, HPS, Tank, Buff, Debuff as well as the other. Nope, not in the least - don't want that.

I'm a fan of balance though.

But face it... there are so many things all wrapped around each other - that if you were to change the career abilities; there would be so much else that you would have to change as well. You'd basically be designing STO2. It's not going to happen.

So either you're having fun or you're not. If you're not...well... STO is STO, it is what it is - either you can find something you enjoy or you move on....
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