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Originally Posted by meurik View Post
I -know- you know what "fiasco" I am referring to. You can hardly claim that STO's forums, when it was changed, went through "smooth sailing". All the old posts became "Archived Posts", all our old usernames became useless etc. So i'm sure you can understand how some of us may be a bit "jaded" and cautious in regards to any additional changes to this forum.
I'm definitely not saying that the first STO change was smooth sailing, but we've learned many things from it. NW also went through that change, and then they just went through the second. The second change was very smooth, and I listed important notices in the OP for items that need player action.

Please know that this upcoming change is important for the forums, and is why I've requested STO to go last -- if anything unexpected comes up in the other games' forum upgrades, we'll learn from that and apply it to STO. So far, the ESO and NW transitions (2.0 as you call it) went very smooth and players are happy with it.


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