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11-12-2012, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by aestu View Post
I've been trying to accrue a full set of purple warfare doffs. I would assume at least some people are doing the same. Because the Exchange is not programmed to display these doffs properly, I am creating a thread to facilitate trading.

Here is a rubric of available types. Feel free to copypaste it.
(I only play Fed so I do not need specializations applicable only to KDF, nor those redundant with Tholian doffs. To my knowledge there are no Cardassian, Dominion or Romulan warfare doffs at this time. I am only interested in purples.)

Normal = have
Green = WTB
Blue = WTS

Klingon........Space Ground
Gorn ..........Space Ground
Orion..........Space Ground
Nausicaan...Space Ground
Breen.........Space Ground

If interested, please reply, or send in-game mail or tell.
I know this is not a warfare DOFF but I do know you are interested in rare/odd ones...Interested in a Green T'Pol Science (I think Geologist). I am actually surprised that name was in there.