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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
Explain why you get attacked as soon as you leave the gate? You are not even flying away from your group yet. There is no way for then to know until your reaction, but don't you think they are baiting you? Why don't they attack an escorts straight out the gate? Why do they choose to attack the Galaxy first versus a Soveriegn or Oddyessy?
Maybe YOU get attacked as soon as YOU leave the gate because they know YOUR character name and see YOU in YOUR Galaxy-R as an easy kill. Cuz I once out of boredom on my friend's account went on his Galaxy-R, did a quick PvP match. And as stated by so many people here, I was attacked almost instantly, but as soon as it turned out they couldn't just smash me in one pass they left me alone.

Then I did my job as healer, started to piss people off, got attacked more, but in the end I survived fine.

Just a thought.
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