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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Sorry, the Prometheus was actually classed as a warship/battleship (I think the latter) rather than a cruiser
Actually, it was listed (in the various sources I've found) as: Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Battleship, Warship, Starship (bit generic, that one), and Tactical Cruiser. The fact of the matter is that virtually every major Star Trek starship except the Defiant class has been referred to as a cruiser at some point, because it's never really clear what that term means - as long as it is a moderately powerful starship capable of independent operations, it seems like it was fair game for the cruiser label at some point, which is really my point. If we are now defining ships not based on in-game terms, that is rapidly a slippery slope.

Also, Akira still counts in any case

Also also, see my earlier posts on why trying to base game design decisions on 'canon' background is a terrible idea