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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
It is because there is no cooldown and can run concordant with assignments, depending on the length it could possible to rank well over 100 XCP in a hour, this might not sound like much but assignments dont give that much per hour.

As I continue to expect that Cryptic updates their old DXP missions and Aid the Planet with tangible CXP rewards those are still Cryptic own missions.

You always be a fanfic author in STO until you land a job at Cryptic and work on STO story.

Whoever writes the stories at Cryptic is in no obligation to follow or accommodates on what goes on the Foundry since to start with, that is a impossible task since everyone have their own ideas.

Also if you have to bribe people so they can play ... that says all and I am going to say this, when the 2800 FE come out there was a lot of criticism level at Cryptic about the missions, if you lure or force people into playing Foundry missions they will aim their guns at Foundry Authors, and if you force then they come with a grudge.

Oh I brought that up because the Daily Clicker was a "exploit" but considering it had a 20 hour cooldown it was roughly about 60 Dilithium per hour, I am not worried about CXP but the moment Foundry Authors get their hands on handing out rewards is when it all break apart since if the Clicker was a exploit based on Foundry missions having no criteria to qualify for Officers Reports daily then what criteria should be used for handing out CXP? Should it be left to the same Foundry Authors that also happened to be the ones that created the Daily Clicker?

Gear and grinds are a form of storytelling. Not having those makes for an incomplete story.

And I make a big distinction between modding and fanfic and while, yes, I favor Biowaring (I don't see what your issue is with it) I also really do want the experience to be interactive and have a few scenes you might want to screenshot your character doing as opposed to just ramming my story down your throat in a non-interactive way.

Ultimately, what I want is to create entertaining grinds, with immersive flavor dialogue, a balance of talking and action, and get as close to making interactive Star Trek episodes as possible.

I get the impression that you have some kind of animosity towards the idea of Trek getting in the way of your pure gameplay, in which case I have to ask: if you're into pure gameplay, why play an MMO at all and even then why play this one?

MMOs are inherently games not targeted at pure gamers and this one is a lot more reliant on the IP than the gaming experience because it's produced by a small company with a rantlot of limits. If you wanted pure gameplay, why go for a Trek game at all?

It's like going into a retro diner and complaining because you have to sit in a booth and all the food is made on a grill. Well, yes. It's a diner. If you want chairs at a table and seafood, you could hit up a seafood restaurant or a Red Lobster or a Ruby Tuesdays.

This is an interactive, social RPG Star Trek experience. So complaining about interactivity, Star Trek style narrative, social features, or grind progression and kinda like complaining that a car has wheels. You might get some traction critiquing style of delivery but critiquing the existence of any of these facets suggests you don't know the neighborhood you wandered into that well.