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having read a particularly good idea a user posted here on the forum, I "+1'd" it. Adding my support to the OP's post, without having any addition comments on the topic honestly.

A Community Moderator responded with;

Originally Posted by tobar26th View Post
Please try and refrain from +1'ing threads guys.

If you can't post a full comment it may not be necessary to post.
Now, I don't mind, nor am I complaining about the response. What I am asking for then, is a mechanism for either showing support, or for showing disagreement with the OP.

Other forums have this sort of functionality allowing the users to do so (without adding an actual 10 character response), rather a little ticker in the header of the post.

I know Raptr(although don't know what they call the functionality) has it, as does Guildlaunch. Guildlaunch calls it an Up/Down Vote.

I really think this would be an overall useful tool (not only to the forum users), but Cryptic as a whole. Imagine at a glance seeing the popularity of a post (say Official Blah Blah feedback Thread)... or being able to look at user requests, with basic up/down feedback from the forum base? Without having to read 100+ Responses.

Seems to me it would be useful datamining tool.
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