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11-12-2012, 04:10 PM
Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
If you're using the Foundry daily to just grind dilithium then you weren't playing Foundry missions in the first place. There was no point having a mission that people just used to grind. It was supposed to encourage people to play Foundry missions by getting a reward.

The fact that it was instead used as an exploit to grind dilithium means that it was not implemented right, and for that matter still isn't.

I don't care if you play Foundry missions or not, to be honest. My Foundry missions with or without daily have about the worst time/reward balance anyway.

That being said, if your problem is that it's hard to get dilithium that has nothing to do with the Foundry or Foundry daily. That's a separate issue, that at most was only being covered up by the Foundry daily.
Taking away the one click console on foundry wont encourage people to actually play the missions, I think who just use foundry to farm DL fast wont bother to play any other foundry mission.

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