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How many times do I have to email about $50.00 worth of Zen?

I have done every single thing I could think of, to get my 6,050 zen that I have been waiting on for exactly 12 days now and I am a bit upset at how rude the CSR was in response to my issue.

I ordered through PayPal on Nov.1st 2012

NOT an ECheck
(As much as support claims it was, the money was in PayPal and received by PWE, PayPal customer services have said several times the money transferred from my bank account to my PayPal account 4 days prior to my Zen order with PWE)

Everything completely cleared on Nov.6 2012.
(Sent a screenshot attachment of PayPal site to

If it was not for the delay on the Jemmy ship in the Duty Officer box that happened recently, I would never do business with this company ever again.

You can tell me all you want that transactions take time, but I have never waited longer than I have with this transaction.

I also ordered 1,000 Zen using my Debit Card, which only took an hour or so, while my 6,050 zen just sits under review.