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Originally Posted by havam View Post
The sci orb is pretty flexible, but sluggish. here is my healer support setup that goes well with sci (and eng as much as anything can go well with them)
EPtW1 Aux2Sif1 EWP1
EPtS1 RSP 1 ES 2
PH 1

Doff: 2x VM technicians, 2x Dmg Control 1x BFI doff

Weapons: a) All beams b) 5 Single Beams + 1 mine of choice aft,

You can keep high aux, and reasonably high Weapons, it flies like a fast turning cruiser. You bring SNB and Sensor Scan, but should easily compete with competent cruiser in heal numbers.

I have more offensive Sci/Sci setups that I'll post later. You can always pm me in game. For the KDF 2xKHG + 2x Assim makes it worth to consider a torp boat as well.
lovely i'll try it .... yeah I didn't realize the Orb Weaver was basically a science escort until i opened it XD

Also, what about the special consoles?? can they be mounted on another ship if I don't use it in the above setup?