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11-12-2012, 06:43 PM
Yeah the last time I submitted a ticket with them, it was extremely obvious that they don't read the whole ticket or had a hard time comprehending the situation though they denied it when I politely said that I didn't think they understood the situation. Perhaps I just had to push the situation as they seemed to play dumb at first.

I was also shocked at how obvious it was that they didn't even bother to look up my account as I had to walk them through over three emails the entire thought process of my @name matching my login name... and how that it is the only way you are allowed to change your @name. They basically told me they had to make sure my account names were the same (which took three emails back and fourth of me explaining the situation in various ways) and I said to myself, you could have just looked up my account 10 seconds after reading my first email.... I finally got my situation resolved to my satisfaction, but it too way entirely too long with way to much back and fourth and someone from Cryptic should find and review the ticket just to get an idea of how a customer who needed a legitimate help endured poor service.

Anyway, I work in the Operations Support department of a fortune 100 company.. and they would have been ripped a new one if my manager was their manager. They really need a post ticket survey system...

I was also very courteous and not rude. That part is key as no one goes out of their way when someone is a jerk.
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