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11-12-2012, 07:14 PM
Been thinking of this thread and had this idea pop into mind:

"At the beginning of the conflict with the Federation the KDF was flush with it's victory against the Gorn and confident in the construction of it's newest generation of ships. They expected glorious battles and even more glorious victories. In the beginning this was the case as their might battlecruisers, powerful raptors, and nimble birds of prey outperformed their Federation opponents and brought victory after victory.

But in their haste to move to battle they had overlooked the possible E-War capabilities of Starfleet's dedicated science ships deeming them to be little more than soft targets, easily destroyed and far too lightly armed to pose a threat to any but the greenest of training cadres. As with most of the KDFs assumptions this proved to be first.

As the war continued and resistance from Starfleet began to stiffen these small, lightly armed ships began to be a powerful nuisance and under the command of shrewd captains were even threats in their own right. More than one Klingon commander found himself unpleasantly surprised when facing a Starfleet ship that had turned its powerful and extensive suite of scientific equipment to the purposes of war.

Still, it was not until fleets of Starfleet battlecruisers and escorts working alongside these re purposed science vessels began to turn the tide of the war against the Klingon Empire that the Klingon High Command realized just how badly they'd underestimated the threat posed by the entirety of Starfleet having dismissed a full third of the fleet as being little more than target practice.

There were several attempts to redress this problem, each meeting with limited success and ultimately being deemed insufficient. The closest to a solution was the Gorn's own small fleet of science and exploration ships which were quite easily adapted to serve the same role as their Federation counterparts, but this solution had two major problems. The first was that the number was small and that attrition would quickly run through the existing hulls. An increase in production would have been an easy solution had it not been for the second problem: the perception of weakness.

The High Command could not abide a solution that was completely reliant upon one of the Empire's subservient races as it exposed and acknowledged a weakness the Empire was unable or unwilling to correct. For this reason it turned to Klingon engineers and shipbuilders and gave them a simple command: "Fix this."

With typical Klingon efficiency they did just that. Instead of creating a new line of ships whole cloth they did as Klingon engineers have done for centuries and made what they had work for them. They evaluated current designs against what they needed. Birds of Prey were a failed solution to the problem, the might carriers of the fleet had the needed equipment but lacked the agility and speed of the Federation science ships making them easy prey to their counterparts even without escorts, and the mighty battlecruisers of the fleet while not as slow and cumbersome as the carriers were still not suitable platforms.

In this way they came to the Raptor and determined it to be the most suitable platform currently extant within the fleet and with typical Klingon efficiency stripped it of armor (Hull HP) and all but the bare minimum tactical systems replacing them in turn with more powerful shield generators and emitters (Shield HP) and the needed science equipment. This equipment was less extensive than that found on STARFLEET ships and lacked much of the versatility, but was every bit as effective on the battlefield as that carried by the ships this new breed of Raptor was meant to counter."

Just my own long winded explanation for how such a ship could come to be along with an idea for how the Devs could get it in the game as an F2P ship - namely by reusing the existing Raptor skins and attaching a new set of BOFF stations to them. What does anybody who read that whole thing think?