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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
A Post wherein Tacofangs assigns random numeric values (with the help of to each of you!

thunderfoot006 - 786020

Your sense of validation is palpable.
Since you validated me, does this mean I can now park my Peterbilt in Staff Parking instead of the Visitors Lot? I don't like the Visitor Lot. The last time I put my 18 wheeler there, I came by later and found a group of juvenile Tholians, who had stolen some bloodwine from the KDF and drank it, spraying gang tags in Romulan on the sides of my reefer.

(No, not that kind of reefer. 'Reefer' as in 'Refrigerated Trailer')
Why do I enjoy JJTrek?

Because I can. Just sayin'

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