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11-12-2012, 08:12 PM
S7: Romulan bartender doff?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

So far as Dil costs/game balance in S7 goes...

The only obvious constant in current game design is to ramp up Dil costs and preclude other approaches in the hope of fueling Zen sales. Removing Dil rewards, making doffgrinding more and more expensive, making Dil an input for more items, reducing the yield for disbanding doffs, etc.

It is clear that PWE is trying to drain players dry and force them to spend cash. It's also possible they want to get a head start on "cashing out" player holdings in the game.

Putting all SB assignments on Dil instead of doffs is a horrible idea, and so far from "99% of players being behind it", the truth is that most players would be strongly opposed, for the very simple reason that junk doffs are abundant and Dil is not. Junk doffs are largely useless except as an input for SBs, while Dil has many uses, not the least of which is Dil exchange.

I don't grasp how clicking away Dil is fun. Doffing for doffs to turn in is fun; *drip drip drip* Dil that could be spent on toys is not.

The effort to push Dil over doffs is part and parcel of the SB system itself. The SB system is an effort by PWE to leverage social pressure to drive Z-store sales. Company reps trying to claim that "99% of the community" supports spending cash equivalents over game elements as an input is just more of the same sort of bullying.

There is also one very obvious reason why such a change would be very bad. Moving SBs from doffs to Dil would shift SB progression from the best doffers, to those willing to spend the most time grinding Dil (no-lifers) or buying it on Z-store (P2W scrubs).

Now, is that what you want?

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