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11-12-2012, 08:37 PM
Contacts have no dialog by default. You have to put something in the chat text box or attach a pop-up dialog in order for them to say something.

I'm working on my first foundry mission too, and it has a very similar moment (approaching and beaming to a derelict ship that's a costumed contact instead of an object). The way I handled it was to place a reach marker over the contact, then attach an interact button to the contact which triggers a story pop-up dialog, then put the map transition immediately after the pop-up.

Playing the map preview, this creates a situation where the player upon approaching the derelict is prompted to scan it, and when the scan is complete the player's sciences boff reports the results of the scan and their engineer boff initiates transport. The contact itself never does anything except loop its idle animation.

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