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11-12-2012, 09:39 PM
Originally Posted by violadan View Post
Really, really, really... Did I say REALLY enough? Ok... I'm truly disappointed in the new dilithium prices for the Doff grinder. If it weren't for that one aspect and how it affects me because I have so little time to play STO, but love it SO much, I would say that Season 7 looks awesome.

These prices are going to kill my enjoyment of Doffing... I wonder how Heretic would feel about the changes to his amazing system...

Originally Posted by rikwessels View Post
In release notes : Let me just say this : if you're going to make Doffs cost dilithium and require both Dilithium and the same doffs for fleetbases that is the end for a vast number of fleets ( no matter if you have decreased the amount of doffs needed ) . You need to totally remove the doff-requirement or the dilithium requirement - for fleetbase/embassy progression - if you want this to work even slightly .
I can understand that people don't like the increased dilithium cost, but I think the grind cost has been negated by fleet projects only needing white DOFFs (dilithium only needed for DOFFs you intend to keep, plus whilst it may cost more to get DOFFs, the type requirements have been relaxed.

I think it has been done in a relatively balanced way.