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11-12-2012, 09:04 PM
Yeah, I went ahead and disputed the charge VIA PayPal. Everyone but PWE has confirmed that everything has cleared since Nov.6th 2012.

As soon as I disputed this, this was the email i received.

Hello ,

This email is to inform you that one or more transactions made to your Perfect World Entertainment account now has an open dispute with the payment source. If you feel this is in error or you need more information, please go to and open a ticket to the billing department.

While the dispute(s) are open, the account that made the purchase(s) is to remain banned.

PWE Customer Service Team

So because I didn't receive the item and I disputed the order, my account is to remain banned. Yeah, that's cute. So what exactly does that mean? I honestly have never had a problem with all of my other orders, this is the worse timing ever, granted Season 7 is just right around the corner. I wanted my new science vessel and a few duty officer packs to reward my Fleet Members... that was it, kids.

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