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11-12-2012, 09:51 PM
All right, reading the wiki, and a concern came to me that I need to know because it will affect my story later on.

I see that there are alignments in the section for spawning mobs into maps of Ally, Enemy, and Neutral. What do these do? I would assume that Ally makes something allied to the player, Enemy makes something enemy to the player, but what does Neutral do?

Also (and this is what is confusing me), according to the wiki, mobs of one faction will fight mobs of another faction. Now, here's the problem: suppose I want to have a mixed Federation-Romulan fleet fighting against the Collective, and not with each-other. How would I do this? Presumably I would have one squadron of Federation ships and another of Romulan ships, but how do I make them not fight each-other?

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