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11-12-2012, 10:10 PM
The focus on rewards seems odd to me, frankly, as the whole concept of the Foundry seems clearly more about boosting the game's story mission content. Turning Foundry into another way of item grinding would seems to be almost willfully missing the point. As long as random drops are on par with those in the Cryptic authored story missions, it'd be just fine. I doubt many foundry authors would be satisfied knowing people were playing their missions for the loot and ignoring the rest.

With increased rewards, or author-controllable rewards, you would see more people playing foundry... as a grind. And you'd get a influx of foundry missions and authors dedicated to no-story "go to system X, shoot all the things, collect loot" gameplay.

For me personally, story missions are what keeps the game alive, and, well Star Trek-y. Without the shoring up Foundry provides to that end of the content spectrum, STO would just be another boringly generic mindless FTP MMO grindfest. I don't want to see foundary's contributions as such fall by the wayside.

On the other end, you also don't want to devalue STF-level loot. Getting that stuff is supposed to be hard and tedious, 'cause it's, y'know, a reward. I think STF players like their STF gear as much for its cosmetic badge value as it's stats: it tells other players how much of a serious player they're looking at. Cryptic (or more accurately, PWE) won't want these devalued either, if the S-7 dil grind changes are anything to go by.

High level equipment/personnel is supposed to be hard to get. Asking for more ways to get it is at best courting power creep via devaluation and inflation, and at worst just the classic human nature "I wanna be awesome, but I don't want to have to work for it".

The stuff people've posted about improving the Foundry GUI, search system, and integration into the main game is all spot on though. Those are all great ideas that would go a long way to improving Foundry's visibility and standing. This current business of accessing the Foundry missions through a gorram phone book list in a backwater sub-tab helps no one. If it weren't for the spotlights and officer dailies you'd almost think Cryptic was actively trying to discourage Foundry play.

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