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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
If it was a huge priority, you probably could have DOff grinder assignments that allow you to turn a green of a particular profession into a white bundle of the same profession.


Greens produce 3 whites OF THE SAME PROFESSION. Blues produce 15. Purples produce 50.

For the rarer profession DOffs, make it something like: 2, 10, and 25. But a guaranteed same profession as the input DOFF from a Project Downgrinder.

Effectively, more efficient downgrinding. This could even help justify the addition of the up grinding costs to players since downgrinding would provide guaranteed results, making high quality BOffs more valuable given the higher cost of obtaining one. Which means those DOffs people get from paying high dilithium upgrinding costs would at least have TONS of value as downgrinding fodder.
Ooo, assign them to the academy as instructors!