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Originally Posted by rikwessels View Post
Let me just say this : if you're going to make Doffs cost dilithium and require both Dilithium and the same doffs for fleetbases that is the end for a vast number of fleets ( no matter if you have decreased the amount of doffs needed ) . You need to totally remove the doff-requirement or the dilithium requirement - for fleetbase/embassy progression - if you want this to work even slightly .
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So much for our concerns being heard for NOT wanting this stupid DOFF dilithium tax increase or using Dilithium to buy Borg gear. I take that back.. I'm sure the DEVS (or whoever) heard our concerns but chose to ignore and give us a valid reason of why they are adding all this extra dilithium tax.
::READ:: Before anyone else jumps the gun, please read the post I just made. It clears things up. ::READ::

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