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11-12-2012, 10:41 PM
For the first question: "neutral" means they'll attack any other char or group regardless of faction. Neutral groups hate everybody equally.

For the second question: I think you'd pretty much have to create a friendly faction group for your allied fleet, then re-costume it with ship costumes from your allied faction of choice. So place Feddie groups, then change the costumes of each of the individual NPCs in those groups to Romulan ship costumes.

The trick there is that weapons fire will be visibly the wrong type for their alleged faction. A Fed ship reskinned as a Romulan ship will still fire red phasers and torps instead of the green disruptor/plasma weapons typical of Romulans. Also, ships with special abilities like saucer separation and the like will revert to their original costume if they use said ability. Unfortunately we can't manually assign group compositions, so the only way to avoid this is to use groups from a faction that doesn't have costume breaking special ships. Cardassians might work (officially Fed aligned, but the True Way stuff might make their foundry groups enemies), but I'm not sure, hafta check.