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11-12-2012, 11:04 PM
So in essence more grinding more screwing up things?

I literally stopped "playing" on start of Season 6, although played on Tribble and like most stuff, when it became live it proved what it meant "death" for small fleets and 24/7 mindless automatons grinding....

After all that time, even if we did play from time to time and some members more actively our BIG fleet of 3-4 ppl is getting Tier 1!!! Was very nice to donate 200000 dilithium alone for a project, i mean yes it's very balanced... comparing 100 member fleets to 5 members fleets.... Oh and one of my characters is in a big fleet.... as i didn't "camp" the project timer the "leader" on the leaderboard has now 2.6 milions fleet credits... i have 30000... again balanced....

But let's discuss of Season 7 and the nice stuff... yes there is nice stuff coming out... but compared to the 24/7 grinding in store... i think more ppl will stop playing....
So... after playing 1200 elite STFs we "lose" everything and we need to invest (according to another thread) 450k dilithium to reach Tier 5, and 3 months.... on ONE reputation tree... and we get it so then we can use more REFINED dilithium to get our gear....
Let's look on fleet weapons.... 160k fleet credits and 80k refined dilithium to buy weapons for a ship... great... and 160k fleet credits = 160k refined dilithium too... well or 160k warp coils if you find the energy credits or the place to donate all that.... In essence to gear 1 ship we pay more than an account wide ship unlock?!
Before Season 6 and since you ppl killed Kerrat, i used contraband doff mission to get my daily dilithium... Then you screwed that up too... and now you remove dilithium rewards from Investigate Duty Officer daily and STF and... WHERE are we supposed to get dilithium? Mining for 20 hours? So all fleet stuff requires dilithium... to buy and to make or achieve, and now we get embassy and 2 reputation trees that require same? And now DOFFs require dilithium too?

Why don't you call it Dilithium Mindless Grinding Online? That's if there would actually be a place to grind it....

Instead of giving us missions, or episodes, or better rewards, or more LIKE Star Trek universe lore, where people actually used diplomacy and explored things... In here we get fire at will on everyone and linear missions where we don't even get to raise our own shields.... Is it so hard to make a NON linear mission? To give us the option to hail the alien ship or shoot it? To make a MMORPG more RPG like??

I can see Season 8 coming out, probably very soon.... The Dominion Ferengi, because we open fire like the Jem'Hadar and are more greedy than the most pure bred ferengi....

Mission 1 - Welcome to Ferenginar

Menu options:
- Open hailing frequencies - Requires 50000 refined dilithium
- Beam down to planet - Requires 1000 Zen
- Depart system - Requires 10000000 Gold Pressed Latinum