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Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
There is one major problem: You are trying to BUY 1 Zen for 154 dilthum

What is displayed there is that the are 40145 Zen ALSO wanting to BUY at 154 per dilthium

on the BUY side tab is shows you the price per Zen people are willing to buy - which would probably be 159

So you order would only be filled after all the Zen is bought at 158/157/156/155 and most of 154

You are looking at things backward
Interesting idea. That might very well be how it works.

However, it goes against both how the regular Exchange works, which would influence how the zen sellers would price their zen. In the Exchange, if you want your thing to sell quick - indeed, often at all - you want to make your price the lowest, so people will want to buy it, because it is at the top of the first page. It would only make sense that the Zen Exchange would work the same way - the stuff that is the lowest price would sell first, since folks want to get the most zen for their dil.

If it works like you say, any schmo could artificially drive up the mean price of zen - you just put a high-ball offer up, then it knocks the lowest price off the screen, making the next lowest price the lowest, etc. It screws all the people selling low, not just all the folks that were selling for the former lowest price, but also everyone who thinks the Dil exchange works like the EC Exchange and are low-balling the price in hopes of selling their zen faster.

I guess that could be tested...

EDIT: Doesn't seem to work that way. Just tried putting a high price on some zen, didn't bump the prices shown for buying zen for me or someone else.

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