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11-12-2012, 11:16 PM
Destroyer or not, Enterprise or not, the big problem I see with the OP here is:

14 turn rate (considering Cryptic's love of big ship = mega-slow, it won't happen)
DC/DHC usable (only one Fed cruiser can do that atm, and I doubt they'd give another one)
Cmdr tactical (Basically wanting a cruiser-ish level of hull, with an almost escort like turn rate and DHCs on top of all of it)

Those three things alone really don't make a good idea. It's asking for a lot, and giving up almost nothing in return for it.

As a cruiser, no matter WHAT else it would have, it'd have Cmdr Engineering, always.

Personally, I hope for something maybe like...

Cmdr. Engineering
Lt. Cmdr science
Lt. Anything
Lt. Anything
Ensign Anything

I don't really care about the other Lt or ensign slots, to me, the most important part would be the Cmdr engineer and Lt. Cmdr sci (since Fed cruisers have no ship with a lt. cmdr sci, not counting the space whale).

4/4 weapons, 37.5k hull, 1.05 shield modifier (a fleet version would get 41,250 hull with a 1.15 shield modifier), 6-8 turn rate (somewhere in there).

3/3/3 consoles, or 4 engineering 3 sci, 2 tactical

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