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O_O wow i didnt know that the dprt specific were still free....thats cool

thanks for the location for getting the fleet doffs
If you are overflowing with fleet credits, you can buy department specific types from your fleet store. Why wait for a cool down timer, so you can only obtain a handful of duty officers? As a result of changing the requirement from specialization to department specific, Cryptic gave us an excuses for using our fleet stores and bases. Duty officers will now cost fleet credits. Department specific ones start unlocking half way through tier two. Even though you have to get past two and a half tiers, I still call this a very good win for small and big fleets. At some point in the earlier tiers, you unlock random duty officer singles. Its still win-win.

500 fleet credits for single randoms.
750 fleet credits for department specific randoms.

Nothing wrong with that.

Since Cryptic changed the requirements from specialization to department, the dilithium price increase for upgrading them to higher quality officers is only rational. If they didn't increase the dilithium prices, Cryptic would have made it too easy to obtain the higher quality officers. They would have broken the game.

Cryptic opened the floodgates on common duty officers, so they had to increase the cost for upgrading them. While we were all too busy focusing on the dilithium costs, we missed what they actually did to make things easier.

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