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Originally Posted by rehpic View Post
This confusion about how the Dilithium Exchange does come up in the forums from time to time. I can assure you that there is nothing funny going on here and we are certainly not manipulating prices.

The best offer to sell is the lowest prices, namely 159 dilithium per zen. The best offer to buy is the highest price, namely 158 dilithium per zen. Since the lowest offer to sell is 159, no sale will take place until there is a matching buy order at a price of 159 or higher. None of the buy offers in the system are that high, so they will not be matched by the exchange.

Think about it from the point of view of the person offering to sell zen for 159. You would not expect to offer your zen for 159 but instead only get 154. Your zen will not sell until someone offers 159 for it.

On the buy side things are flipped. If you are the guy offering to buy zen for 158, you would not want to be charged 163 for that zen. Your buy order will not be completed until someone enters an order at 158 or less.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the best buy order is the lowest price, and the best sell order is the highest price.
That makes sense.

But what of the people that are willing to sell zen at 154 (or whatever price), and someone that wants to buy at that price. The system does not seem to want to let that happen, for whatever reason. What the system looks like to me is that there is a pool of zen that folks are selling for x price, y price, z price, etc, which pool is represented on the screen. Is that not what is actually being shown?