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Even worse than this, though, are the many dilithium reductions. I relied on short Officer Reports missions, the exploration dailies, and the Lore mission at the academy for most of my dilithium, with the rest provided by STFs. The only one of those that remains intact is the Lore mission. The exploration dailies have been cut in half, the STFs have had their rewards significantly reduced, and it seems likely that the only missions that will still be usable for the Officer Reports daily will be hours long.
Another mistake we are all making.

Updated Fleet Actions:
Increased Dilithium rewards for the Fleet Actions that reward Dilithium, e.g. Starbase 24.
~~Rather than rewarding increased Dilithium, 1st place in Fleet Actions will now reward 2 Purple items and the same Dilithium value as other participants in the Fleet Action receive.
~~Fleet Actions that reward Dilithium now have a 30 minute cooldown.
While Cryptic lowered the dilithium rewards obtained through STFs, they upgraded the dilithium rewards for the fleet actions. All those fleet actions have become relevant; thus, they will not be laying around STO gathering dust. Starbase 24, Breaking the Planet, etc... As a result of people abandoning the fleet actions, virtually no one gives them a second look. I wanted to play these great missions, but they were never relevant for over level fifty players. Now they are.

More verity in missions and more opportunity to get dilithium.


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