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The Ambassador is a decent bit smaller and lighter than even a sov, chances are it wil have a better than 9 turn rate. 14 IS too high, but 10-12 wouldn't be out of line IMHO.

TBH BoFF wise i'd like to see somthing like:

Cmdr Uni, Lt Uni, Lt Tac, Lt En, Lt Sci. It's a bit unique and opens some real veriaty in build options.
If the Ambassador were to get even 10, then the Excelsior would need a significant boost. I am not saying that because I like the Excel alot, but that the Excel is a LOT smaller than the Galaxy, Ambassador, and Sovy. Going on that, all the cruisers in the game would need a turn-speed pass.

I don't really agree totally with that BOFf layout though either.

Universal slots are VERY powerful, more so than anything else. That's why BoPs can be so impressive, with their entire universal set ups, or other things like the bug. The only other ship in the game with a Cmdr. Universal is the Recluse, and that's a bit more limited because it's still a sci-heavy carrier, lockbox ship or not.

So having the Cmdr be universal is going again more on what I mentioned in my previous post, in that there would be a cruiser ship with cruiser-like hull and almost escort level turn rate.

Think about this as well: A cruiser, with Attack Pattern Omega 3 and purple Conn Officers allowing for constant, or almost constant up time of Omega 3. Hard to hit, hard to hurt even when hit, while hitting very hard in return (not AS hard as a fully buff alpha strike from an Defiant or something, but still hard), and so on.

Even so, having 4 Lts I could see happening, though, even if possibly overpowered. Science would be the best choice in the Lt uni though, if trying to be a healer and/or tank, with tac being the next one. Not engineer though, too many shared cooldowns.

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