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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
This is from a mostly non-Foundry familiar player. Namely, I'm not familiar with how the Foundry itself works, nor am I creative enough to make anything good from it. I made one mission once, as a poor, sickly excuse of a mission, my first one, and trust me, you don't wanna play it.
So you say I might not rate it highly, but I would rate it fairly, and I would gladly offer whatever advice, help , you were looking for to improve within the limited tools we have. i find that the Foundry much like anything else in the game is better learning from those who know, much like PvP or STFs or Builds, etc.

Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
BUT I have played Foundry stuff before, both in just legitimate missions, and the console clickers.

I won't deny it, I used em, I used em and helped my fleet with the dil and FMs earned, because it helped the whole. They're being removed later in the season 7 launch. I don't agree with it, but I can and do completely understand it. Hate me if you want.
Oh (Back of hand to head), how could you ? How could you take advantage of the exploit that the Dev team left in the game ? You are obviously a very naughty person, I must obviously hate you now. Forgive the dramaticism, but honestly, no one is going to "hate" anyone for using what the devs were continuing to allow.

Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Now, I know that is something you all were wanting, Foundry authors, no more console clickers.

My question is:

Is that all you want to go though?

I really hope not, I've read a few thread on here, and you all mostly seem to want two things above all:

1. Improvements. The ideas vary, but you all seem to just in general, want improvements, be it better UI, or more elements/systems to work with, and so on and so forth.

2. Bug fixes. Perhaps this can go hand in hand, but considering how well you all can do with even what you have (I really do think that), just bug fixes alone would probably help considerably.

Now, more to my main question:

Do you, Foundry authors and Foundry-playing players, want other kinds of missions to go?

I'm not trying to be a jerk (to put it mildly here) or anything though, just being straightforward.

I really really hope not, at least not within the major exploit range. Console clickers, aside from the exploit, seemed to mostly tick you all off because they'd get high ratings, pushing the 'real' missions out of sight, etc
So, can't speak for anyone but me. Console clickers don't have high ratings. They have very average ratings. They appear high up on the "Hot" filter because people play the heck out of them. It honestly , simply ticked me off because it was an exploit. Plain and simple.
An unintended and for too long unaddressed biproduct of the foundry system, that allowed players to "game" the system in a way that was never intended. For the record, I am also in favor of the B'tran nerf which was a by product of the switch from end game emblems to dilithium. Exploits suck. It's that simple.

Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Obviously something like say...the Nagus dailies, seem ok to everyone (I've yet to see anyone complain about them), but what about like...

Accolade missions? Those in a way are an exploit, because a person is using the Foundry to do something they normally wouldn't be able to, at least to a point. Take for example, the Fek'ihri. There are NO Fed missions which allow you to kill them, so you can never get their accolades. Or harder to find enemies, like the Devidians, I don't think anyone wants to run those FE missions THAT much.

I really hope missions like that are on the 'ok list' even if they often times don't have a story or anything, because they still can be useful, and they are a far cry from the console clickers at least.
I agree that such missions are needed, but not the total grindfests that are out there now. Heck, give me 12 seconds and I can come up with a story that will let you kill wave after wave after wave of enemy. So, yes, we need such missions, I just think we can hold them to a slightly loftier standard is all.

Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
I realize this all might be a little insulting somehow, but it isn't meant to be.
I'm not feeling insulted at all.

Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Instead, I realized that while console clickers are gone, there could be a new exploit coming over the horizon soon:

An auto-completing mission.

I don't mean like the console clickers, but missions that would qualify for the 'ok mission' for the daily, but not require the player to do much of anything still. It would probably consist of one of two things:

1. A large battle, in ground or space, where hordes of NPCs just kill each other off (easier to do in space probably), then just kill the final ship to end it.

2. A 'pit' where you can send your BOFFs, and just slaughterfest some NPCs on the ground, with one group after another beaming in to die, without having to do much on your captain.

Could be other possible auto-completes in different terms, I don't know.

Maybe I am being paranoid, and the new 'security' in place will prevent it, but...I felt it worth while to at least say something now, before the next (very legitimate) gripe you all have is, 'auto completing missions are just as bad as the console clickers!'

Again, not trying to be rude or insulting, and this could be rather confusing, I just had a lot to say.

So let me point you to a clarification posted by a Dev in another thread :

Originally Posted by rehpic View Post
A foundry mission will count towards the daily wrapper mission if its average play time is 20 minutes or longer, not the 30, 45, or 60 minutes that have been suggested by various posts in this thread. So completing three such missions should take a bit over an hour.
Easy enough I say.
In order to get the 1440 Dilithium, it takes about an hour of your time. Probably a little bit more. Missions like the hordes of NPCs kill each other would have 2 problems. Never last long enough is 1. Variation in players computers. Such a mission as you describe would be terrible on lower end machines frame rates etc.

So, as a foundry author, armed with the new info from rehpic, I am going to embark on making a series of 3 mission episodes comprising slightly more than 60 total minutes playtime.

I see it this way.

Yes, the Devs nuking this sucks for a lot of people. Not everyone feels the way I do and thinks this is great , and big thumbs up to the Devs for addressing the console clickers. Sorry about that. Seriously. I'll do my best to put together a couple series of dailies to fufill the new wrapper requirements as clarified by rehpic in the quote I used. It's the best I can do.

No one was asking to nerf the console clickers specifically to hurt other players in the game. It was an exploit. No one can argue that point with an ounce of justification.

As Foundry authors , we're part of the community. The same community that has been calling for more content since i joined the game. Whether it is to your tastes or not ... there is a LOT of content in the Foundry. Much of it , excellent.

Anyway, like you I rambled on.
Probably said enough for now.