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Originally Posted by carl103 View Post

The Ambassador is a decent bit smaller and lighter than even a sov, chances are it wil have a better than 9 turn rate. 14 IS too high, but 10-12 wouldn't be out of line IMHO.
While she's shorter, she's not actually smaller.

The Ambassador is both wider and higher (has more decks) than the Sovereign.
So she's bigger it two dimensions while the Sovy is only bigger in one.
And both the TNG Technical Manual and the "Ships of the Line" Calender give the Ambassador at 3.7 million tons while the Sovereign is usually given at 3.2, in the "Starship Spotter for example.

I love the Ambassador and I'd love to see her in this game, but with the proper stats.
I think a turnrate around 6.5 would still be okay and I have a character on standby that I created specifically for this ship and I'll wait no matter how long it takes.

The arbitrary reason many people give why this ship class is unimportant and/or shouldn't be in this game baffles me, especially since

-even the Encyclopedia states that the U.S.S. Exeter that was on the casualty list in "In the Pale Moonlight" was an Ambassador class, showing they were still alive in that era

-we get the flippin' Vesta, a ship that appeared only the the novels just like the Luna
and it's not like an Ambassador class ships doesn't have its own novel series