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11-13-2012, 02:03 AM
2 AtB mirror vorcha damage dealer/ support cruiser

the mirror vorcha is a much better ship for all cannons and AtB then the vorcha R or even fleet ktinga. the second tac ens skill cant help your cannons, and you don't need 2 TTs due to AtB. beter to have another sci skill more then anything. unlike the fed star cruiser, this ship can turn extreamly well, has 3 tactical consoles, and can mount DHCs, its a ship with much higher potential

4 DHC, 4 turrets


ET1, AtB1, EPtS3, DEM3
EPtA1, AtB1, ES2

TB1, HE2

my complete post buff AtB findings


borg engine
borg deflector
KHG shield/ fleet resistant


borg, neutronium, 2 turn

temporal, leach

3 energy damage type


3 purple tech doffs, 2 bfi doffs

for heals you have ET1, HE2, TSS1, and ES all at thier global. the aux based heals might not always be at their best due to AtB, but when healing is critically needed you can use an aux batt. this ship is not a dedicated healer, it is an even split between damage and support, a kdf cruisers natural state of being. with high cannons and DEM up time, you will be able to deal serious damage with this ship, wile supporting other damage dealers that dont have the healing power you do.

the shield resilience you get from EPtS3 is truly massive, it is the best defensive ability in the game, but it has a high opportunity cost. luckily, AtB makes it so you only need 1. with EPtS3 and AtB's power buff, its extreamly easy to have your other 3 subsystems headlined at 125 the whole time. i suggest a preset at all times of 100/25/50/25. in addition to the cooldown slashing every 10 seconds, this extra power just makes you even more awesome at everything.

this build is great for puging against those changeling fed teams you run into every once and awhile, without you around most kdf teams have little in the way of team healing. an ES at the right time can single handedly change the course of a match, no support ship is complete without it. even though your damage dealing is extreamly potent for a cruiser, your better making your highest priority to keep allied escorts alive.