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11-13-2012, 02:34 AM
Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
Well one thing i've found that i'm going to detail in my bigger post i've got written out is that Mk 0 to Mk I is a 10.2% increase for energy weapons. It's straight 10.2% for all weapons per Mk from base. I think the 8.2% scalar for torps must be a bug of some kind.
I tried to test this but I am still getting the same 8.2% from base to Mk I then the 10.2% for every other Mk level.

Maybe if I had your stats I could find the problem.

But with no skill point used on a level 18 engineering character with weapons power at 100 a 7.5% tactical console adds 26.1 damage. At 100 power the bonus is 200% so the console gave 13.05 or 7.5% of 174(base damage for dual heavy cannon). Using that base damage the value for every mark is dead on. If checking the tool tip from items on the exchange.

Maybe a DEV can help point out where the error is? Just a little hint? Please?
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