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11-13-2012, 04:30 AM
Originally Posted by tjexcimer500 View Post
I think their intention is for people to buy zen with $ and convert to dilithium.

It is a shame, though truly. I've enjoyed STO, I'd even go so far as to say it has been one of my most favorite games of all time. My spending $ record supports this (the devs can look this up). However, since this and the removal of the clickies, I've refused to purchase any more zen (I was one click away during the 15% promotion to spend another $50, when I saw this info).

Their squeezing the life out of players will end up hurting their income. Most players will pay for things if they feel they're getting fair value for their money. However, customers are quick to abandon ship* when they feel they're getting ripped off - especially when there is a great amount of competition (albeit this may be the only STMMO, but it is in competition for usage of time towards entertainment - and face it, there's tons of fun things to do out there and paying/grinding dilithium is not one of them).

*not that I'm abandoning ship here, but this will curtail many of my activities (such as building my small fleet's starbase, etc), and it would take something extraordinary being added before I consider spending more $. A real shame that such great additions by the devs into S7 could be tainted by something as silly as's all shale.

My contributions to your list:
switching characters using their new button: 2000 dil
switching characters by logging out and back in: 500 dil
joining a team: 1000 per team member
assigning an empty quick-key slot: 500 dil
reassigning a quick-key slot: 5000 dil.
changing character "title": 1000 dil
going faster than warp 5: 500 dil/sector

this is too much fun...
I'm sceptical about the new dil. increases without compensation (they even remove the rewards for stfs), too. However, it could be possible that the exchange ratio of dil-zen will fall very low due the relativ shortness of dilithium that is offered there. They will have no choice then, they have to increase dil. amounts, cause no one wants to exchange 50 for 1 or so.