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Originally Posted by szim View Post
"The Dilithium cost associated with Reassignments has been increased:
White to Green: Now 500 Dilithium
Green to Blue: Now 2500 Dilithium
Blue to Purple: Now 5000 Dilithium"

Seriously was this really necessary? New horendous dilithium costs for everything? Have you ever thought that if you're increasing the demand for dilithium that heavily that it might be FAIR to increase supply AND the daily refinement cap as well?

Anyways here are some new ideas where you could demand some dilithium as well:
- warping to a new sector block : 1000 dil
- changing to another ship : 2000 dil
- unsuccessful STF : 5000 dil
- paying for a promotion: 5000 dil
- using a transwarp gate : 1000 dil
- repairing your ship : 1000 dil (minor) 3000 dil (medium) 5000 dil (major)
- renaming your ship : 2000 dil
- failed doff assignment : 1000 dil
- beaming down/up : 500 dil
- installing a new deflector : 2500 dil
- installing a new engine : 2500 dil
- installing a new shield system : 3000 dil

I'm sure people will come up with more brilliant ideas. This will bring you closer to your goal to stop dilithium to zen conversion completely.

will you STOP giving them ideas
and that's only slight sarcasm...they could actually do it.
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