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11-13-2012, 04:02 AM
okay, I'm currently levelling a KDF Engineer, and leaning heavily on two places: Ker'rat, and the PvP ques, and avoiding the canned missions/standard PvE stuff.

My observations, running a BoP with an Engie...

I seem to be living a lot longer than I was playing either Sci, or Tac, and it's NOT because I've become a better player-I still suck, and know it.


my Engie is doing more damage in PvP, more often, than I am used to seeing, and surviving more reliably than I'm used to seeing.

Currently sitting at L35 with mostly-commander-grade-gear (I can't seem to accumulate enough Dil. for good stuff, nor EC-something about how PvP really doesn't pay out...)

Fact, the only GOOD gear I have, came from unlocks gotten on my other toons (so I have a Plas-leech console, yay, had that on the Sci too, and the engie's doing better...), and whatever lucky drops I get off actually "Doing" the Ker'rat missions between arriving groups of Feds.

Now, I admit: I use Doffs quite a bit for this, and my stack in the Bridge officer department is heavy on tacs and sci types, and I've been delaying spending on point distribution to try and build toward what most of the advice threads say work in PvP...(and I'm reading and re-reading Hilbert's guide, but translating from that doc's Fed-centricity...)

But here's the deal: I picked an engie to see if, somehow, I could make it workable in PvP without massive fantasy changes that will never occur.

Results have been pretty educational-a standard "Escort build" layout for bridge officers on a bird of prey works for an engie toon, I suspect that, on a Vor'cha or Mirror Vor'cha, I'll have to adjust my thinking and layout, but so far, it seems that the Hilbert guide is spot-on as far as how to fit up a ship.

Not having APA means leaning heavily on other attack patterns provided by Bridge officers, and leaning heavily on Conn Doffs to keep those patterns going, likewise, I suspect running a more torp-centric layout on a Cruiser will allow me to make use of Projectile Doffs if (as seems the case) I continue to be unable to pull Cannon Doffs or find them for a reasonable rate on the Exchange.

Torp Doffs are all over the place, so they MAY prove to be of some use, esp. if I go Tetryon/quantum Torpedoes for weapons fit (or Photon torps), or maybe Polaron/Photon combo. Point being, as an Engie, I don't have to waste as much space in my Boff slots on shield heals for myself, so I can push more toward offensive buffs or something.

I'll know more at L40, but I have this suspicion that maybe Engies can be effective with out a major rules/function reboot...just have to figure out HOW.