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# 12 Incoming Transmission
11-13-2012, 04:16 AM
Open priority one communication on frequency 0839.

Encryption code beta-7-delta-9-gamma-3.

Command codes verified - frequency open.

Begin Transmission.

TO: All Starfleet Captains
FROM: CAPT Grifter Treysik, 26th Fleet
SUBJECT: Romulan Assistance


The Federation has offered assistance to the Romulans while they move into Tau Dewa. The 26th Fleet has stepped up and will begin moving Task Force Avalon, along with supply ships into the system.

We will also encounter the Kingons as they to have offered the Romulans assistance. Although they are there on peaceful terms, it is important that we keep a close eye on their movements. The 26th Fleet has had many conflicts with them in the past and tensions may rise.

Our primary target will be the Tholians, however, there are other resistance forces that may try and stop our efforts. Because of this, I am sending out this request for any Captains to assist us. I could use the extra manpower.

If you and your crew are nearby and can offer assistance, then come and join us. This task that we have been given must not fail. I won't lie, ships might be lost, lives might be lost, but this mission will allow us to form a strong and lasting relationship with the Romulans. It's the start of a new era and you can be part of it.

Send me a secure transmission and I will provide you with a rendezvous point.

CAPT Grifter Treysik
USS Sentinel
Commanding Officer, Task Force Avalon - 26th Fleet

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