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Originally Posted by connectamabob View Post
That's interesting to hear/read, actually. I'm a solo player, mostly. I'm part of a fleet, and contribute to starbase projects as I can (doffs, mostly, though I'll admit that's gonna change now that doffs cost DL). My ships/boffs/gear/doffs are more than enough to handle anything any story mission can dish out, and so for that matter is any rainbow/skittle build, so I kinda regard the whole DL fuss to be for people who are heavily into PVP and PVE grind or munchkining.

I can definitely see how it would effect RPing the experience of starbase construction though. That's not something that had occurred to me, since I mostly solo, and mentally filed "starbase" under "non-story relevant grind".
Just a reminder that not ALL doffs cost dilithium. You can still use the department specific recruitments for free, it's just the general recruitment pack that costs... and starbases offer completely random (well, with a lot of warfare specialist and flightdeck officers) single doff pakcs and department specific doff packs to buy for fleet credits.
Not saying, that the general rec packs are not important, but you won't be standing there without means to get doffs at all.