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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
That's not the answer. Pugging is, in itself, a game of chance. I posted about a failed STF instance I experienced yesterday. This morning I joined a PuG ISE and we mopped the floor with the Borg with ease and finished the entire thing with somewhere around six minutes to spare. The best thing? There wasn't a great deal of communication between us - it wasn't really needed; everyone knew what to do, and we steamrollered the whole thing and it was absolutely fantastic!

I'd hate to lose out on the above experience simply because of the chance that I MIGHT wind up with a team of clueless rainbow-boat players. It'll happen sometimes, but it's worth enduring the bad ones for the sake of the good, and great, ones.
agreed and my worst STF experience at hand so far was a Cure space ELite mission gone horridly wrong NOBODY helped the kang defender (which was me in my oddy op crusier) second they poped a cube while we were struggling with the BOP's yes since i had to put up with 6 birds of prey at a time i was streched thin and even when they came to help after i yelled at them the kang still blew up 3 were rainbows and i forget what the other was. This was by far the worst team i had seen in a STF no coordination whatsoever and they even ignored my pleas for assistance when the BOP's were overruning me since it was a 6 on 1 fight.