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How am I supposed to get enough of security DEPARTMENT doffs (that is assault squad, armory OR security officers) when from purchasing ~100 tactical fleet doffs I usually get ~5 security department doffs and ~95 tactical department doffs? What am I supposed to do with all those white tactical department doffs I don't need? Sell them for nothing on exchange or discard them? At least with the old system I could change them into greens and then sell those greens or change into blues etc. and earn enough to buy needed white security department doffs from exchange. Now with the reassign dilithium price increased this won't be an option...
They changed the specialization requirement to department specific; therefore, all the duty officers you are talking about will fall into the Tactical department. You will no longer, within most cases, see the requirement for security, assault squad, armory, etc... The new requirement will be random tactical officers. You can now use those unused tactical officers to fill projects.


Old Project Requirement Approach: 60 Assault Officers <--- Specialization Specific.
New Project Requirement Approach: 60 Tactical Officers <--- Department Specific.

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