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Originally Posted by linyive View Post
They changed the specialization requirement to department specific; therefore, all the duty officers you are talking about will fall into the Tactical department. You will no longer, within most cases, see the requirement for security, assault squad, armory, etc... The new requirement will be random tactical officers. You can now use those unused tactical officers to fill projects.


Old Project Requirement Approach: 60 Security Officers <--- Specialization Specific.
New Project Requirement Approach: 60 Tactical Officers <--- Department Specific.
You are wrong mate. There are 7 departments: tactical, security, engineering, operations, science, medical, civilian. There are numerous specializations (assault squad, armory, botanist, biologist, warp theorist, conn officer etc.). Check it out

Projects that previously required specific specialization (for example assault squad officers) will now require specific department (in this example security department doffs - that means assault squad, armory OR security doffs).

So my question still stands.