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11-13-2012, 07:18 AM
I love my KDF and to some degree I agree with the OP. Klingon ships are superior to feds but IMO only because the pilot.

I have sat and watched someone flying the exact same ship that I use get slaughtered by the same person I pop in 2 shots. Why? Is it cause I am OP? Maybe but in all reality I understand what buffs work best in what order to create a damage debuff on them and increases my damage to them.

For instance I had just reached level 50 and a KDF (yes KDF is not fed) offered me a 1v1 challenge. I took this challenge knowing I still had green, blue, and white mk viii's to his mk xii purple's.

5 kills later he was perplexed how a lower tier ship could slaughter him with such low weapons. Was it I was using any kind of broken mechanics? Was it I was using the broken item of the week? Nope. It came down to simple knowledge of the game.

Yes Feds flying around don't understand what to look for when they are going to attack. They don't think of the counters to each ship's attack and normally blow all there cooldowns in 2 seconds flat then are easy prey.

Feds don't seam to realize that different shields do different things other than what Joey uses because he is in fleet XXX.

Feds say setting up keybinds are a waste and make no difference then explode and claim you are cheating or hacking because you slaughtered them.

Seriously get your head out of your rear and LEARN the game. Having Joey tell you to use X,Y, and Z will NEVER make you a better player. Learn WHY X, Y, and Z was suggested and what counters each of them. Then you will have a clue how to counter the counter. Watch what your opponent uses and understand how to counter it.

Power levels are not there for you to just look at. Use them!

I have also been flying a bop since release of the game so I understand what makes it tick better than many but by all means not all. Look, Listen, and don't panic but by God have at least Tact team on standby.

Ultimately a cruiser wears you down over time but a bop is burst damage. Quick fast in and out due to lack of hull. Fly a KDF ship and you will see that cloak is NOT a save your rear button and can kill you as fast as saving you if you use it incorrectly and has LOTS and LOTS of counters.

Seriously don't cry others are OP.

NOW in all honesty with that Leach needs a NERF! TBR3 needs a NERF! Doffs need a NERF! Some shields need a NERF! And especially the broken beams (many of you know the combination) needs a NERF!

But since sooo many things are broken in this game I say NERF needs NERFED too!