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11-13-2012, 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
You're not using the Aux cannon that comes with the ship?
What for? It's a PvE build, where I'll be flying with 125 weapon power + EPTW anyway, with aux at around 80 buffed occasionally with batteries and doff abilities, so why would I want a cannon that wouldn't be at it's highest dmg potential all the time?

Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Also looks like you're using the old 'Borg 3-piece + MACO shield setup, which has been nerfed and won't be as effective as it once was.
I only care about the 2-piece set bonus for hull healing in this case. MACO shield is still superior when it comes to capacity, which is going to be more useful considering Vesta's shield modifier.